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Nim the Undying

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Nim the Undying
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Nim the Undying    
Character Name: Nim the Undying

Real name: Unknown

Other aliases: Lord of Shadows

Race: Formerly human

Occupation: Mercenary Wizard

Place of birth: Unknown

Marital status: Presumedly single

Known relatives: None

Height: 1.8 Meters

Weight: 130.6 Kilograms

Eyes: White

Hair: Grey

Temperament: Arrogant, indifferent, ruthless, honorable

Alignment: Aberrant (Lawful evil)

Any other physical description available: Nim appears a monstrous reflection of his former humanity, gaunt and pallid, his finger twisted into spidery claws, his face distorted into a bestial visage with jagged teeth and white eyes that seem to glimmer faintly in the shadows. He favors simple garments, such as robes and cowled cloaks over the ancient armor that sheaths his dead flesh.

Primary Affinity: Darkness

Known abilities: Nim is a former practitioner of the dark arts, though long after he became corrupted with its power, he discovered he was enslaved to it even as he attempted to master it. Thus, he relinquished his dread abilities and undertook study in less pernicious sorcery. While this has limited his capabilities, it has also freed him from the machinations of the darkness.
Skills: Despite his current status, Nim maintains a particular skill at cooking, though his talents are seldom utilised. Additionally, he has briefly mentioned on occassion that he was once a ratcatcher and that he has merely continued his previous occupation on human vermin.
Special limitations: A being of darkness, Nim is susceptible to the healing energies of the light, as they temporarily prevent him from healing. Also, he cannot trespass upon hallowed ground, even when invited, and if placed within such an area, he must immediately withdraw. However, these vunerabilities do not extend to the powers of darkness. Against these, he is utterly immune. The natural elements affect him with the same effect as any mortal creature.

Fighting techniques: Nim prefers to wield his sorcery against mystical opponents, though his personal code of honor demands that he engage his opponents with equal measure and thus he is possessed of some martial skill from his past. He prefers to wield a long and short blade, usually a broadsword and a dagger. If his adversary chooses to flee, he is inclined to hurl that same dagger into their back for retreat is honorable but he has not any mercy for cowards.

Character accomplishments: Nim is reticent to discuss his past save with those he trusts and there are none of those to be found.

History: Before Nim the Undying recently appeared among the living, there were none who knew him to even exist for his past was either unnoteworthy or of such distant interval that it has been forgotten. The only history known of Nim is that which he reveals himself, and that is quite seldom.

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